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Our Story

My name is Amy Farmer and I am the owner of Skinny Bee, LLC. As a Physician Assistant for the last 10 years, wife and the mother of three active little boys starting my own business was the furthest thing from my mind in the early months of 2012. I did not realize how much my life would change when I was introduced to the supplement world. Not only did my physical, mental and emotional health improve, but my career took a path in a new direction as well.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was always important to me so naturally as a health care practitioner I’ve always encouraged my family and my patients to do the same. Prior to
having my third child, exercising several times a week was routine, but unfortunately after baby number three came along there just wasn’t enough time in the day to fit in
a workout. With a four year old, a fourteen month old and a newborn at home I had a choice to make… sleep or exercise? Sleep won every time!! Eventually as the months
went on, I was able to squeeze in a few minutes on the treadmill at nap time here and there, but with caring for my children and continuing my professional career, my gym
days were obviously over.

Having three babies in four years took a toll on my body physically. High levels of stress, lack of sleep and my struggle to maintain balance in my life was causing me to
suffer mentally and emotionally as well. Over time I had lost most of my pregnancy weight (again) through maintaining a healthy diet and occasional exercise, but I still
was not satisfied with my altered post baby figure. I was running on low energy and I was struggling to stay afloat. I was starting to feel depressed. I needed to look on
the outside and feel on the inside the way I always visualized myself…young, fit and healthy.

The Discovery

My life changed when I started taking supplements. To my amazement I felt changes occurring immediately. I must say I was skeptical that an all-natural product could be
so effective, but it didn’t take long for my beliefs to change. I felt energy like I had not felt in years, my concentration improved, and in just a few weeks I started noticing my
body transforming physically. Feeling more confident about my body image, having enough energy to care for my kids, manage my household and still be able to hold
down my day job without feeling like I was going to have a mental/physical breakdown was priceless. I was hooked!

I found myself sharing my positive experience with supplements with my patients, peers and family members. It was just a natural progression having a background
in medicine to start to research the supplement world in order to find products that I thought would help improve the lives of those around me. What an was amazing discovery to find non-prescription products that could improve the lives of so many without the risk of side effects often associated with many of the prescription
medications I had been prescribing to my patients for years. Clearly supplements were not going to cure everyone’s aliments, but with the vast array of supplements
manufactured in the United States, I was confident I could find safe and effective products that could potentially offer an alternative to prescription medications for many
health problems.

Skinny Bee, LLC is born

In May of 2012 Skinny Bee, LLC was created. Initially started as a weight loss business, Skinny Bee, LLC has since expanded our product line to include a variety of health,
wellness and beauty products. We pride ourselves in offering top of the line products that have a uniqueness setting them apart from most others sold in stores and online.
Our products and the companies that manufacture them are thoroughly researched for quality assurance before they are added to our inventory. The products we chose have
the highest quality ingredients, meet the safety standards set by the federal guidelines and have statistical studies and testimonials to back up their claims of effectiveness.
Our customer’s safety is our number one priority and therefore purchasing our inventory from reputable US companies that manufacture their products
in FDA approved laboratories and follow strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice regulations) is the way we can guarantee this.

In addition to choosing top quality products we prefer those that contain all-natural ingredients as maintaining optimal health is our goal. Many of our products are
made from RAW natural, plant-based whole foods, which are organically grown. We offer gluten-free, dairy-free and lactose-free that do not contain fillers, synthetic
nutrients, artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Most of our products have no known side effects, are typically safe for those with medical conditions or allergies
or for those taking multiple prescription and/or non-prescription medications. It is always recommended to check with your physician before starting any of our products
especially if you have a preexisting medical condition.

Skinny Bee, LLC believes the foundation of obtaining optimal health is maintaining an ideal body weight. Although we have expanded our business to include many more
health, beauty and wellness products, we plan to keep weight loss as our main focus. We will continue to research the latest weight loss fads and update our inventory
regularly offering only the most effective and safe weight loss products on the market.

Our success is measured by your health and happiness!

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