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DYNAMIS SKIN SCIENCE (MEG 21 Anti-Aging Skin Product Line)



Empowering Extraordinary Health

EMPOWER. Our products are designed to let you take control of your own health.
EXTRAORDINARY. We believe in premium nutrition that goes beyond the ordinary.
HEALTH. Your health is a gift, and extraordinary health is a goal worth pursuing—both for you and for your family.

Garden of Life’s commitment to health goes beyond offering some of the most effective nutritional products in the world. We are interested in building relationships with people to help them transform their lives to attain extraordinary health. By combining the best of nature and science, the Garden of Life brand offers a path to healthy living with premium products that are supported by education and innovation.

As recognized by the United States Congress, there is a direct correlation between nutrition, exercise and health. Raw, whole food nutrition, from organically grown sources, is more beneficial for health than isolated nutrients. When coupled with exercise, a diet that includes the consumption of raw, live foods, particularly those containing probiotics, enzymes, and products of their fermentation, is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

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Original Medicine was conceived by the founder of Garden of Life, Jordan Rubin, as a unique line of gut health focused products for use only by health care practitioners.
Jordan wanted a product line more advanced, focused and effective than any other in doctor’s offices today. Toward that end, Original Medicine’s physicians and scientists,
utilizing the latest research, developed a product line with specific probiotics, enzymes and fibers, all geared toward helping your body achieve optimal health.†

All of our products feature the proprietary Bio-Protect™ packaging system to ensure optimal protection of delicate ingredients from the damaging effects of air and
moisture. Our capsule products use 100% vegetarian UltraZorbe™ capsules for maximum dissolution and availability for absorption by the body.

Reinforcing our link to nature, we power our offices and distribution facilities with 100% renewable power from the wind, as evidenced by the green “e” symbol proudly
displayed on each label.

Original Medicine is committed to bringing safe, high quality, fermented whole food based nutritional supplements to your health care practitioners’ office. If your doctors
do not carry Original Medicine products, ask them to contact us. Thank you for sharing our commitment.

Staying true to the roots of ancient medicine

In the beginning, the source of all wellness was the Earth. Knowledge of ancient remedies was highly prized and the individuals who practiced nature-based medicine
were thought to be extraordinary for their ability to help those who sought them out. Today, your healthcare practitioner can offer you the same kind of expert guidance with
the help of Original Medicine® products.

It’s a fact that modern-day diets and environmental factors can strip the body of nutrients essential to good health. Original Medicine® products are designed to restore
natural nutrients and important co-factors that may be missing due to hectic lifestyles and improper diets.

What Makes Us Different?

Original Medicine® products are gut focused and whole food based. You and your family can take Original Medicine® supplements in confidence knowing that you are
receiving the very best of both science and nature combined.


We obtain our raw ingredients –whole foods and their extracts – from some of the most trusted, pristine sources available on Earth. Special care is taken in growing and
harvesting our raw materials, selecting just the right time to ensure the freshest, most biologically active products nature can produce.


Whole-food based nutrition, with natural components intact, are clearly superior for our health. That’s why we use a proprietary fermentation process for nutritional products.
This advanced fermentation process uses living probiotic organisms and their enzymes to pre-digest nutrient forms that the body can easily assimilate. The resulting Living
Nutrients™ are complexes of vitamins and minerals that are in body-friendly form. Living Nutrients contain the necessary cofactors required for proper absorption and
utilization, including enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics and organic acids. Living Nutrients are better for the body because they are more like
food than isolated vitamins, but with potency from a whole food based source. Living Nutrients are body-friendly, containing bioactive components that the body recognizes.

Foundational Line

We consider our products to be “foundational”, not just because many of them are for everyday use, but because they come from the earth and contain the goodness
inherent in foods as nature intended. No synthetic vitamins, artificial colors or preservatives are contained in our products.

Specialized Line

Proper digestion and good gastrointestinal health are essential to overall health and well-being†. Optimal functioning of the GI tract is critical, to maintain your health†.
With the new additions to our product line, Original Medicine® continues to focus on providing unique and advanced formulas to assist the health care practitioner in
addressing the many gut related health problems that are prevalent in our population.

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DYNAMIS SKIN SCIENCE (MEG 21 Anti-Aging Skin Product Line)


Dynamis Skin Science is a subsidiary of Dynamis Therapeutics, Inc., an early stage pharmaceutical company. Dynamis Therapeutics was founded by a team of scientists as a joint venture between Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) in Philadelphia and a group of investors. It was originally funded by the Ben Franklin Technology Center, the National Institutes of Health as well as venture capital. The company scientists focused on the discovery and development of therapeutic pharmaceuticals to treat and prevent diabetic
complications resulting from glucose induced glycation and oxidative stress.

While testing compounds that might reduce these complications in diabetes, scientists from Philadelphia's Fox Chase Cancer Center unexpectedly noticed that a test compound had favorable effects on the texture and elasticity of skin. Further research and development resulted in Supplamine ®, which address the effects on skin resulting from glycation and oxidative stress. As a result, Dynamis Skin Science was established to develop and market MEG 21 products containing Supplamine ® to doctors and skin care professionals.

Dynamis Skin Science has its offices in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania (just north of Philadelphia). A percentage of the sale of the Dynamis Skin Science products is paid to Fox Chase Cancer Center to support continued basic cancer research.


At Fox Chase Research Center, a ground-breaking treatment to reduce the signs of aging was the last thing the Dynamis Diabetesresearch team was expecting. But,
scientific serendipity struck while they were seeking a way to prevent glycation, a cause of diabetic complications such as blindness and nerve damage. Glycation occurs when sugars in the body react with (and damage) proteins. One of the worst results is the creation of 3-deoxyglucosone (3DG), which is responsible for much of the damage.


Most often 3DG gets sweated out of the skin but some remains behind and overtime, causes skin damage

Laboratory research demonstrates that 3DG is present in skin and causes:

• inflammation

• decreased production of collagen

• collagen and elastin cross-linking

• formation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs)

• oxidative stress and free radicals

But glycation is not limited to diabetics — it happens in everyone's body and is in skin! The resulting glycated proteins tend to fuse together in a process called cross-linking causing a loss of elasticity and hardening of collagen in the skin. The older we get, and the more sugars we consume, the more glycation damages our skin.

Dynamis scientists had a breakthrough: They found a compound that slows the production of 3DG. The formula worked — but in the process, they discovered an unintended benefit. The skin of subjects using the compound was smoother and softer, with improved elasticity. Subjects also noticed a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Now, Dynamis brings its discovery out of the laboratory with MEG 21 — a unique skin treatment that delivers the compound Supplamine® deep into skin to reduce inflammation and free radicals, allow normal collagen production and reverse cross-linking. The result is younger-looking skin!

Results after only 4 weeks of use

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BeeAlive Fresh Royal Jelly is as close to nature as possible. The Royal Jelly used in our products is ALWAYS FRESH, never freeze-dried. Freeze-drying removes all the moisture from the product, thereby reducing it to a crystallized powder. Although working with freeze-dried Royal Jelly is much less complicated and costs less, we believe that the process of freeze-drying, which takes out this significant amount of moisture, compromises the quality of Royal Jelly. And, it has been shown that freeze-drying contributes to and accelerates the degradation of Royal Jelly over time. Royal Jelly is a very delicate substance and needs to be handled with care. At BeeAlive we treat Royal Jelly with the same respect that nature does. That's why, for all of our 28 years in business, we only use the highest quality fresh and never freeze-dried Royal Jelly in our Dietary Supplements.

BeeAlive — An Excellent Combination of Integrity, Collaboration and Quality
BeeAlive is a direct-to-consumer company that began doing business in November 1984, 28 years ago! In all of our dietary supplements, we are dedicated to bringing the benefits of Royal Jelly to our customers by using only fresh, never freeze-dried, Royal Jelly. All BeeAlive Royal Jelly comes from superior, well-cared-for hives in parts of Asia known to be among the best places on Earth from which to harvest Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly is a natural substance from the bee hive that has been used for many years by people throughout the world for increased energy, stamina, and vitality. The exclusive food of the Queen Bee, Royal Jelly is composed of trace amounts of many wonderful nutrients and nutritious, biologically-active compounds.

What We Care Most About:

• Our unwavering commitment is to resource the highest quality ingredients and produce beneficial formulas that are pure and effective. We adhere to a very strict set of standards and operating procedures to provide only the finest Royal Jelly to our customers.

• Every batch of Royal Jelly that goes into our products is tested by independent, third-party laboratories. This ensures the quality and purity of Royal Jelly.

• At our state-of the-art Distribution Center, we’ve taken steps to ensure that our delivery to you will be fast, on time and efficient. Once a customer places an order, the products usually arrive within a week, often sooner. We are continually updating our inventory, so customers can be assured of a recently produced product.

• We care about the health and well-being of people around the world by contributing to organizations working to improve the lives of families and children in need globally.

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Aroma Sedona 100% Natural Essential Oils

Aromabreez is proud to introduce you to Aroma Sedona 100% natural essential oils. These 100% natural essential oils are blended into vegetable based dypoglycol oil for slow release into the environment around the jar. The diffuser system is a vegetable fiber sponge that the mixture is placed into to further slow the release process. All dyes are chlorophyll or vegetable based. This allows the product to remain 100% natural in all aspects.

The product was originally introduced at the Mondial Expo in Spain in 1992 and was at that time and still is considered quite revolutionary. Since then the product has been introduced into more than 28 countries around the world and has met all the rigid manufacturing and entry codes for these various countries. The product meets the manufacturing standards of ISO 9001 issued by the European Economic Community in accordance with the USA regulations.

All essential oils come from the most reputed manufacturers in the world to our specifications with the lowest degree of oxidation and cold extraction, allowing the essential oils the maximum durability in fragrance and property.

The carrier oil allows the essential oil maximum durability in fragrance and property. Our coloring and dyes do not alter the organoleptic properties of the essential oils.

The diffuser is made of a biodegradable sponge integrated into the jar. This enables the oil to last approximately one to two years when opened several hours every day or night depending on the remedies usage and environmental conditions. Most citrus and eucalyptus oils are the most volatile. The large jar will cover an area of approximately 125 to 150 square feet as a therapeutic oil and up to 200 square feet as an air freshener. The figures for the small jar are 40 square feet as a therapeutic oil and approximately double as an air freshener.

Our product requires minimal care and handling to use. Open the jar in a secure place. The jar should not be placed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This will increase the rate of evaporation and shorten the longevity of your oil.


In the healing art of aromatherapy by inhalation, aromatic Essential Oils are inhaled to promote physical healing, mental balance and emotional well-being. Distilled from the
leaves, fruits, wood, roots, seeds and flowers of plants and trees, each concentrated essential oil has specific properties.

The fastest way to regulate mood is through inhalation. The brain registers aroma twice as fast as it does pain. This is why the inhalation of aromas can so powerfully transform
the emotions. Smell is the only sense that can bypass the blood/brain barrier to the central nervous system. Through the olfactory system, essential oil molecules have direct access to the limbic area of the brain, which is the center of emotions and memory.

Scientific studies prove that inhaling certain aromas can immediately affect the central nervous system. International research suggests that aromatherapy can increase
productivity levels, information retention and relaxation. Aromatherapy products can benefit the person by creating positive feelings that influence physical changes in the use of
perfumes is the most ancient fact that aromatherapy was known over a thousand years ago. Ancient Egyptians used essential oil for embalming the Pharaohs.

International research suggests that aromatherapy can immediately affect the central nervous system. The effects can include revitalizing, uplifting and increasing productivity
levels, and improving information retention. Inhaling certain essential oils can sooth and relax, stimulate, and promote healing. Think of it as "Therapy in a Jar" for our stressful lives.

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~History of Aloe Vera Skin Care~

The history of Aloe Vera Skin Care goes back more than 5,000 years.

Some of the greatest minds and most legendary beauties in history, from Aristotle to Cleopatra, have celebrated Aloe Vera for its amazing effectiveness in enhancing beauty and in easing a great variety of skin conditions.

The Egyptians called Aloe Vera the "plant of immortality" for its ability to keep the skin fresh and lovely.

~Medicinal Aloe Vera~

The transparent gel inside the thick leaves of the succulent Aloe Vera plant has been used for thousands of years to aid healing and to soothe skin conditions.

Aristotle was a well known as a botanist in his time and versed in the benefits of Aloe Vera. He recommended to his student, Alexander the Great, to capture the island of Socotra, off the coast of Eastern Africa, for its Aloe Vera. Then the Aloe could be used to heal the wounds of Alexander's soldiers.

In India, Aloe has been used since the 4th Century BC to resolve skin conditions and heal burns and wounds. It has been used since ancient times all over Mexico and South America to bring relief from insect bites and to repel insects.

In the Bible, Aloe is referred to along with other herbs and spices that "the Lord hath planted." Jesus' body was removed from the cross and wrapped in "aloes and myrrh."
(John 19:39-40)

Many recent scientific studies of Aloe Vera have been undertaken to investigate the medicinal properties of Aloe Vera including the treatment of Diabetes, and certain cancers.

~Aloe Barbadensis Miller~

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care is made from genuine Aloe Barbadensis Miller, or Aloe Vera, also known as medicinal Aloe. Out of more than 200 varieties of aloe, Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the finest quality Aloe Vera. This is the same Aloe Vera that is used for human consumption and contains essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Aloe Barbadensis Miller was given its name by Philip Miller, the noted English expert on plants and herbs, who thought it was indigenous to the island of Barbados.

In fact, Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera) succulent plant is probably native to Northern Africa. It was found and cultivated across Europe. Spanish missionaries transplanted Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera) to Barbados more than 100 years before the classification by Mr. Miller. But the plant species classification still bears his name.

Most skin creams use water as their primary ingredient. (This is why you'll find water listed as the very first ingredient on the list of nearly every skin cream.) That means the skin cream consists mainly of water. InfiniteAloe® Skin Care lists Aloe Vera as the number one ingredient. That's because Aloe Vera is the primary ingredient of our skin cream. InfiniteAloe® Skin Care consists in the largest part, of organic Aloe Vera gel and it contains more Aloe Vera than any other single ingredient (even water!)

~Medicinal Herbs and Plant Extracts~

InfiniteAloe® Skin Care ingredients also include herbal and plant essences used medicinally for centuries to bring relief to dry skin, itching and inflammation. These ingredients such as chamomile extract, rose hips oil and yucca extract have been verified by modern scientific testing for their health benefits.

Because our formula uses so many powerful nutrients, InfiniteAloe® Skin Care is thoroughly absorbed into the skin, penetrating many layers with healing properties that revitalize and refresh while moisturizing and softening.

When you care for your skin with InfiniteAloe® you are enjoying a tradition in Aloe Skin Care thousands of years old. With continued daily use, InfiniteAloe® is a skin care you can trust to keep your skin healthy and beautiful for the rest of your life.

Cleopatra used Aloe Vera, the very same type we use in InfiniteAloe® Skin Care today. Also known as medicinal Aloe Vera, the scientific name is Aloe Barbadensis Miller. Above more than 200 varieties of aloe, this miraculous plant shines as the most powerful star. It has been extensively researched and is well known for bringing soothing relief to even the most difficult skin conditions.

This amazing plant is the primary and most abundant ingredient in InfiniteAloe® Skin Care. Aloe Vera(Aloe Barbadensis Miller) works. Using more than 200 complex organic compounds, it soaks deep into your skin. Leaving no greasy residue, the Aloe Vera in InfiniteAloe® Skin Care will penetrate up toseven layers deep, to nourish, hydrate and care for your skin.

~Natural, Healthy Skin Care~

Surprisingly, the vital gel of this marvelous plant also contains substances that act as natural antiseptics and pain relievers as well as bacteria, fungus and virus fighters, while still other properties ease inflammation and help to rebuild tissue. InfiniteAloe® Skin Care enhances these natural abilities even further by adding additional plant oils, essences and vitamins in a perfect combination. All of this adds up to the finest quality, purely magical Aloe Vera cream.

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) has been extensively studied by scientists, and found to contain many properties vital for human health, including amino acids, enzymes and vitamins.

The table included here shows the many properties of Aloe Vera. Click to discover the science supporting the effectiveness of Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller)

Vital statistics of Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller)

Constituents Number & Identification Properties & Activity Comment

Amino Acids

Provides 20 of the 22
human required amino
acids & 7 of the 8
essential ones

Provides the basic building
blocks of proteins in the
production of muscle tissue etc
The 8 essential amino acids are those the
human body cannot manufacture
Anthraquinones Provides 12
anthraquinones: Aloe
emodin, Aloetic Acid,
Aloin, Anthracine,
Antranol, Barbaloin,
Chrysophanic Acid,
Emodin, Ethereal Oil,
Ester of Cinnamonic
Acid, Isobarbaloin,
In relatively small
concentrations together with
the Gel fraction they provide
Analgesic, Antibacterial,
Antifungal & Antiviral
activity. In high concentration
on their own they can be toxic.
Traditionally known as laxatives.The
antraquinones are found in the sap. The anthraquinone derivatives (anthrones &
chromones) comprise the phenolic fraction of the sap. The primary sap component is Aloin/ Barbaloin anthrone
Enzymes Provides 8 enzymes:
Aliiase, Alkaline
Phosphatase, Amylase,
Catalase, Cellulase,
Lipase, Peroxidase
Helps breakdown of food sugars and fats aiding digestion & enhancing nutrient absorbtion  
Hormones Auxins & Gibberellins

Wound Healing & Anti-inflammatory

Lignin Cellulose based
Thought to provide penetrating power in Aloe vera skin preparations and may act as a carrier for other
Minerals Provides 9 minerals:
Calcium, Chromium,
Copper, Iron,
Potassium, Sodium,
Essential for good health and is known to work in certain combimation with each other, vitamins and other trace elements  
Salicylic Acid Aspirin like compound Essential for good health and is known to work in certain combimation with each other, vitamins and other trace elements  
Saponins Aspirin like compound Soapy substance both
cleansing and antiseptic
Sterols Provides 4 main plant
steroids: Cholesterol,
Campesterol, Lupeol,
ss Sitosterol
Anti-inflammatory agents. Lupeol also possesses antiseptic and analgesic properties  

glucose & fructose

gluco-mannans /

Anti-inflammatory action

Anti-viral, immune modulating activity of Acemannan

The long chain gluco-mannans are absorbed intact by the pinocytotic process of certain cells lining the digestive tract.
Vitamins A, C, E, B, Choline,
B12, Folic Acid
neutralises free radicals
B's & Choline involved in amino acid metabolism, B12 required for production of red blood cells, Folic Acid in the development of blood cells

Amino Acids
Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) provides 20 of 22 human required amino acids and seven of eight essential amino acids.

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) provides eight essential enzymes.

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) provides nine minerals including calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc.

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) provides vitamins A, C, E, B12, and Folic acid. These vitamins are known to neutralize the free radicals that cause aging.

Aloe Vera is so complex in its ability to enhance human health, that no synthetic substitute has been able to duplicate its effectiveness.

We use only pure, fresh, organic Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller). The freshness of our product is preserved using only the most minimal chemical preservative necessary to to maintain shelf life of two to three years.

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) feeds your skin like no other herb in existence. It soaks deep below the skin's surface hydrating and moisturizing, and delivering essential vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes to help your skin renew clear, soft and smooth.

Medical Science About Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller)
Aloe Vera has been used extensively in burn centers around the world, to aid in the healing of human skin. Numerous studies have shown Aloe Vera benefits the skin when it is repairing itself. Numerous references throughout this site detail the extensive research on this vital plant with so many benefits for health and beauty.

What do we mean when we say “organic”? Simply that the Aloe Vera used in InfiniteAloe® Skin Care has been grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. We take pride in our product and work to maintain high ethical standards. So you can be sure pesticides and chemicals have not been used in growing the Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) we use and that our product is as pure as we can make it and bring it to you.

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We have conquered the long sought after quest for a perfect tan without risking your health. More and more media attention has been give to the harmful and damaging effects from the sun.

The future for self tanning products will continue to increase and we have created a product that contains BOTANICALLY EXTRACTED INGREDIENTS and NO PRESERVATIVES. We guarantee to provide the richest looking tan in the most luxurious way without the sun. It also moisturizes, hydrates and protects the body without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin. The use of our self tanning product will not turn skin orange or yellow and has no harsh odor due to the fact that it is not chemically based and we
have created a product that will instantly tan the various skin types without streaking.

• A Revolutionary Self-Tanning Lotion
• The Most Effective Tanning Product on the Market!
• Unique Color guide Formula That “Shows Where It Goes”
• Fastest Way To Get A Fantastic Tan
• Tans Instantly As You Apply
• A Perfect, EVEN Tan Every Time
• Includes A Special Applicator Glove


• Not To Streak
• Not To Turn Skin Orange
• Not to Have A Bad Odor
• Not To Stain Your Clothes

Fake Bake Advantages

Fake Bake consistently gets a #1 Rating as the Best Self-Tanner to hit the salon shelves!

(Not to mention Numerous Celebrities Sending out their Make-up Artist to Keep Them in Supply!)

Magazines all over the world are featuring Fake Bake, including Cosmopolitan, Good housekeeping, Vogue and Bazaar just to name a few.

Here are a few but powerful reasons why this product can deliver satisfaction:
1. SUPPORT IN QUALITY LAB PREFORMANCE: Distributing only the highest state of the art products with every ingredient OTC tested and approved.
2. PATENTED TRADEMARKS: Proudly carrying proprietary, including trademarks and brand name.
3. STRENGTH IN OPERATING CAPACITY: 500,000 operational capacities monthly.
4. HIGH STANDARDS: Extremely rigorous selection process that verifies the best in botanical extracts while maintaining a clean and environmentally safe facility for storage of the product.
5. CONSUMER APPEAL: Marketing products that transcend gender, age and shelf trends.
6. STRATEGIZING THE MARKET PLACE: Utilizing current research to render breakthrough formulas to satisfy public demand.

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